Bio Fizzy Tabs
R 350.00

Our bio fizzy tablets are a powerful treatment to eliminate blockages from drain lines, toilets and septic tank systems. They release millions of beneficial bacteria to speed up the biodegradation of organic waste, reducing it to water and carbonate to help eliminate blockages, smells, and reduce pumping.

Why Use DelphisEco?

  • digest grease and other wastes
  • keeps drain lines free flowing
  • helps protect drain fields
  • safe for all plumbing

Directions: Drain line maintenance: Dissolve one tablet into a bucket or other container with 4-5 litres of tepid water, pour the product evenly into all drain lines. Septic tank maintenance: Drop one tablet into toilet bowl, allow time to dissolve and flush.

For more information on this product and its use, see our INFO SHEET and MINI GUIDE.

For a detailed safety data sheet, please click HERE.