In an effort to make life better for our patients and to protect our environment, Life Groenkloof Hospital has recently introduced “green cleaning” to the facility. Spearheaded by the Catering Manager, Morné Greyling, this sustainability initiative involves several aspects, most important of which is the re-evaluation of the hospital’s cleaning methods and products.

Maintaining high standards of cleanliness is important in the healthcare environment and this sustainability initiative shows that it isn’t only products filled with chemicals which work best.

Morné Greyling took the initiative to research high quality ecological cleaning products for the kitchen, which is when he discovered Delphis Eco, which are not only superior cleaning products, but have minimal impact on the environment.

The benefits of utilising “green cleaning” products are:

•    Less environmental impact due to less chemicals used
•    Product performance
•    Health and safety benefits as products are non-toxic