Here at Delphis Eco we create great cleaning products which have a reduced impact on the environment.

Our South African range is manufactured locally in South Africa, which helps keep the cost to you, and to the environment, as low as possible. Delphis Eco products are plant based rather than petrochemical based, which means that our ingredients are sustainably sourced from renewable resources. Further to this, our products biodegrade after use, without polluting the land or endangering aquatic life. Many of our products bear the much coveted EU Ecolabel.

Our containers are made from 100% recyclable plastic. Our commercial range is available in concentrate, which significantly reduces the amount of packaging required, and minimises the carbon footprint of our range. We are constantly working on innovative solutions to reduce our impact on the environment even further.


Environmental Benefits

  • EU Ecolabel accredited
  • Derived from sustainable, plant based resources
  • Reduced impact on aquatic life
  • Reduced use of hazardous substances
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Phosphonate and phosphate free
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals
  • Non-flammable
  • REACH, CLIP and CLP approved