Our Company

Delphis Eco UK was established in 2007, responding to an urgent need to clean up oil spills, and oil leaks in shipping, in an environmentally responsible way. Inspired by this success solving an important environmental issue, more products were created, to offer a full range of ecological cleaning chemicals. Owned and run by South African Mark Jankovich, and brought to South Africa in 2010, Delphis Eco’s commitment to protecting the environment, and innovating responsible solutions remains at the heart of what we do. All of the South African range is locally produced in Johannesburg, which is more sustainable and eco-friendly than importing them from the UK, and supports the local economy. Many of our products are EU Ecolabel accredited, and have SABS approval.  

Our commitment to sustainable cleaning and local communities has seen us initiate an Eco Turtle refill station project that provides a living wage to the distributor while promoting affordable, green cleaning chemicals to local communities.

Delphis Eco’s desire to support communities nationally, and provide a great product and service extends to our distribution model. Our locally-based distributors are able to provide excellent product knowledge and support to our customers.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our vision is to become the world's leading innovator of ecological cleaning products. We ensure every aspect of our business offers the best possible solutions for our customer, whilst maintaining our eco-friendly values. We make products which minimise waste, pollution, and natural resource depletion at every stage. We challenge everyone to think about these issues too, and aim to inspire an informed discussion on these topics, leading to even better solutions for future generations.

Sozo Initiative

Delphis Eco works with the Sozo foundation based in impoverished Vrygrond, Cape Flats, to help youngsters to gain employment skills so that they are better equipped for success in the world of work. Delphis Eco is working to develop this important relationship, and to support other local community initiatives.