Washroom Cleaner
R 295.00
Our EU Ecolabel accredited washroom cleaner is ideal for daily cleaning of all washroom surfaces. It removes general soiling to leave all surfaces sparkling clean without any streaking and freshly fragranced.

Why Use DelphisEco?

  • low pH prevents limescale build-up
  • safe on rubber, plastic and metal surfaces

Directions: Apply a small amount to a damp cloth and wipe surface. For heavy cleaning spray directly onto surface, leave to stand and wipe clean. For larger surface areas use a mop and bucket.

Available in 750ml ready-to-use and 5ltr concentrate: use the following dilution:

General cleaning: 1 part concentrate to up to 50 parts water.

Light cleaning: 1 part concentrate to up to 80 parts water.

Heavy cleaning: 1 part concentrate to up to 10 parts water.

For more information on this product and its use, see our INFO SHEET and MINI GUIDE.

For a detailed safety data sheet, please click HERE.