What to Look Out for in Green Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products have been all the rage for a while now, leading to multiple manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon and creating their very own variants – and people with the good intentions of living a greener lifestyle can’t wait to get their hands on these ‘new and improved’ items. However, the question that we all need to be asking ourselves is, are these cleaning products really as green as they are made out to be? Here’s what to look out for on the label before making your way to the till!

General Cleaning Products

Ultimately, what makes a good green general cleaning product is the use of natural, less harmful ingredients in place of chemicals. These natural ingredients are usually plant-derived surfactants like d-limonene, lauramine oxide, TEA lauryl sulfate and caprylyl/myristyl glucoside. Before buying, take a look at the label to ensure that only non-toxic additives have been used. Any ingredients such as chlorine or phosphates are red flags and are a clear indicator that the product is a lot less green than it claims to be. Other commonly added toxins are phthalates (which can act as endocrine disrupters), Perchloroethylene / Perc (a possible carcinogen), butoxyethanol (found in the majority of window cleaners and a contributor to narcosis), ammonia (linked to lung problems) and sodium hydroxide (can cause severe burns if it comes into contact with skin) to name but a few.

Laundry Products

There are many eco-friendly laundry products available on the market today, most of which use coconut or corn-based surfactants in an effort to be kinder both to the environment and to the skin. Just like you would before buying your general cleaning products, it is important that you check the label for the presence of any phosphates or added perfumes – both of which are definitely not considered to be green ingredients!

Personal Hygiene Products

Just like laundry products, green personal hygiene products need to be gentle on the skin and on the environment. They also shouldn’t contain any added perfumes which could lead to irritation. Along with this, they should be phosphate and phosphonate-free, as well as Trichlosan-free. Trichlosan is an antibacterial agent found in the majority of personal hygiene products, from toothpaste to deodorant, and has been found to be linked to heart disease. Over time, it is also said to interfere with muscle function and hormone regulation. All in all, it is definitely better avoided!

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