Eco-friendly Tips for Getting Through the Flu Season Unscathed

The winter chill is here, which means that the annual flu virus is, too. The question is, how exactly does one go about keeping germs at bay the eco-friendly way? We break it down for you below:

Choose the Correct Hand Soaps

We all know that regular, thorough hand washing is the first step towards maintaining health and killing off germs regardless of the season – but what many of us aren’t aware of is the fact that certain personal hygiene products may contain a number of dangerous ingredients which could be causing more harm than good. Have you ever heard of triclosan, for example? It is an ingredient that is often used to prevent bacterial contamination and is generally added to hand soaps, washes and gels. While it is indeed effective at killing germs and bacteria, studies have shown that it is also likely to have a negative effect on thyroid hormones. It is also said to possibly play a role in making germs resistant to antibiotics and in causing skin cancer after a period of long-term exposure. Knowing this, it would be wise to only wash your hands with a hand soap that is triclosan-free, such as the Delphis Eco Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap.

Keep the Kitchen and Bathroom Clean

These are the two rooms in the home that are most prone to the spreading of germs. However, instead of filling your sinks and toilets with chemicals, ensure that you invest in green cleaning products that promise to get the job done just as effectively. For example, double check that the toilet cleaner which you are using does not contain any aggressive mineral acids (like the Delphis Eco Daily Use Toilet Cleaner) and that your kitchen sanitiser does not contain any perfumes or dyes (like the Delphis Eco Kitchen Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser).

Keep Up with the Laundry

This is especially necessary if you have children. You’d be amazed at how many germs our kids pick up on the playground, and how many of these invisible dangers tend to linger on dirty clothing. If you leave the laundry basket to pile up, there’s no doubt that these germs will continue to multiply, making it more likely for everyone in the household to get sick! Along with doing regular loads of laundry, also be sure to spray the laundry basket itself with natural cleaner or rubbing alcohol every two weeks to kill off any remaining bacteria.

Sanitise the Little Things

We all wipe down countertops and wash out baths… but how many of us have thought about the importance of sanitising door handles, light switches and television remotes? This is just as, if not more, important than any other household chore when it comes to keeping germs at bay! Just remember to invest in an all-natural green cleaning sanitiser first.

See? Who says that you need chemicals to stay healthy this wintertime? For more information about the best green cleaning solutions for your home and office, be sure to stop by the Delphis Eco website and check out our ever-growing range of products in South Africa.