5 All-Natural Ways to Get Rid of Nasty Odours in Your Home

Whether your home is full of furry animals who love rolling around on your couch, or you accidentally spilt a substantial amount of wine on the carpet at your last dinner party, unpleasant smells can really put a dampener on atmosphere of your home. Luckily, Delphis Eco is here to share some helpful tips for getting rid of these nasty odours once and for all – the natural way, of course!

Buy Plenty of Baking Soda

We have no doubt that baking soda is about to turn into your trusty new secret weapon! It effortlessly neutralises bad odour and can be used to remove nasty smells from practically anything – from your carpet and couch to your fridge and freezer, and even your old running shoes! Here’s how to use it:

  • For your couch, carpet or mattress: Simply sprinkle on generously and leave overnight; then vacuum it all up in the morning. Not only will you vacuum up the excess powder, you’ll be getting rid of the foul odour, too! Repeat as many times as is necessary if a slight stench still remains.
  • For your fridge: Place some baking soda into a container and leave it uncovered at the back of the fridge for a couple of days – it will quickly start to soak up the odours.
  • For your shoes: Dust some baking soda into the soles after use and leave it in there until you are ready to wear them again.

Make Your Own Natural Air Freshener

The aroma of most air fresheners on the market can be downright overwhelming. If you’re looking to neutralise unpleasant odours in a slightly subtler manner, making your own natural air freshener is definitely your best bet. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Select your favourite essential oil (or a mixture of all your favourites);
  • Add a couple of teaspoons of the oil to some warm water (keep adding until the strength of the aroma is to your liking);
  • Pour into a spray bottle and spritz to your heart’s content.

Discover the Benefits of Vodka

We don’t mean after a tiresome day of putting up with the boss at work – we mean as a natural deodoriser! Not only can it help to rid your home of nasty smells, but it can also help to keep bacterial over-growth at bay.

Experiment with Vinegar

Just like vodka, vinegar helps to remove odours and bacteria. While it might not be quite as powerful, it certainly is a lot cheaper! What’s great about it is that it can also be used to eliminate that disgusting stench creeping up from your pipes. Just pour some baking soda and a half a cup of vinegar down the drain, leave for 30 minutes, and follow it with a kettle full of boiling water.

Invest in the Delphis Eco Range of Products

All Delphis Eco cleaning products are environmentally-friendly and 100% free of harmful chemicals. When it comes to keeping stinky odours at bay, you can rely on our multi-purpose cleaner, general purpose detergent and anti-bacterial sanitiser to get the job done for you.  

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